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The Goal of the Kerry Science Festival (KSF) is to demonstrate to the widest possible audience how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is being used in every facets of our lives in Kerry.

The Festival team has been allocating significant resources to promote its Festival of Events. These resources are being provided by Science Foundation Ireland and two Festival sponsors.

No limit has been set to the number and range of Local Festival Events that we will brand and promote so we would like as many as possible to sign up to what will be a Kerry-wide Festival.

Local Festival Event hosts are asked to look at what they do, identify how STEM is used or experienced in what they do and to find ‘interesting’ ways of communicating this message to a local target audience.

This is an opportunity for you to engage and communicate with a local audience. You will invite your audience to learn more about what your organisation does. This is a great opportunity to link with your local community.

It is simple. All you need to do is decide:

  • If you would like to be become a Festival Partner and host a branded Local KSF Event;
  • The type of Local Festival Event you would like to host;
  • How you would like to demonstrate the STEM in what you do;
  • The local audience that you would like to target;
  • The time, location, structure and content of your Local Festival Event;
  • If you wish to engage in other communication or promotion of what you do.
  • The Festival Team will be more than happy to provide any advice, guidance and support in deciding what approach might be most useful to adopt in developing and staging your Event.

Most importantly, KSF will put significant effort into branding and promoting each and every Festival Event and would like you to be part of this All-Kerry Festival.

Try to keep your event as simple and easy to manage. It could be as simple as branding something that you already do. You will probably find that you can use the opportunity to engage with your local audience in a conversation and that STEM will be a starting point for this

Those interested in your event will contact you directly through the contact you provided.

Should you wish to update your event please contact Noel Mulligan

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