Munster Technological University Launches Kerry Science Festival 2023

November 7th , 2023 : Tralee, Co. Kerry – Munster Technological University (MTU) has announced an exciting
line up of events for the 2023 Kerry Science Festival. Now celebrating its 8th year, this popular festival is
sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) as part of the National Science Week. The festival promises a
series of captivating outreach events scattered across Kerry for the entire month, culminating in National
Science Week running from November 12th to 19th, The highlight of this year’s festival is the much-
anticipated STEM Showcase & Family Day, which will take place at MTU’s Kerry North Campus on Saturday,
November 18th.”
Science Week celebrates science in our everyday lives and includes a wide variety of events involving industry,
colleges, schools, libraries, teachers, researchers and students throughout Ireland. Science Week has a
number of regional festivals offering a range of opportunities for the public to engage with STEM in across
Ireland. This year, SFI are asking people to consider what it means to be human in today’s world, and how the
decisions we make today, will impact humans of the future.
At the launch, MTU President Professor Maggie Cusack said, “MTU’s steadfast commitment to STEM is evident
in both our progressive curriculum and our expansive outreach initiatives. With the construction of our cutting-
edge STEM building on our Kerry North campus, we will further solidify our promise to nurture innovation,
foster research, and prepare the next generation of scientists, technologists and engineers for a brighter
Science pervades every facet of our lives, from the devices we use to the solutions to global challenges. It’s
not just academic, but a cornerstone of our daily interactions and innovations. “Kerry Science Festival is
passionately committed to demystifying science for our community. Through comprehensive outreach, a
myriad of events, and our signature showcase at MTU’s Kerry North Campus, we strive to illuminate and
captivate,” said Professor Joseph Walsh, Festival Lead and Director of the IMaR Research Centre. “From Scratch
coding sessions to renewable workshops and innovative engineering designs, our goal is to engage across a
diverse range of themes.”
The scale of the Kerry Science Festival and grown year on year, aiming to offer more engaging and diverse
experiences. Central to this mission has been the involvement is the involvement of staff and students at MTU.
“In the planning and execution of this year’s Kerry Science Festival the creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication
of our people at MTU has been instrumental in shaping the event. This inclusive approach underscores MTU’s
commitment to fostering a love for science and technology,” commented Dr Eilish Broderick, Head of School
of STEM at MTU.
If you’re looking forward to another action-packed festival this year you can visit for a
full event list and registration information.

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