Online Access: The Frustration of Passwords

Date(s) - 11/11/2021
8:00 pm

A capital letter, a special character, a number, a minimum of eight characters and you can’t choose something you’ve used before….Password rules are frustrating, but choosing a good one is worthwhile right? In a world where we rely on passwords more and more, it’s important to choose a strong one to keep your data safe. But how do we know we’ve chosen the right one, and who can advise us on selecting passwords?

Cyber Skills lecturer Dr. Hazel Murray is a passwords expert having recently completed her PhD on the topic. What Hazel found during her research was that the password advice we receive is often contradictory, with different sites having different rules.

In this public talk for Science Week, join Dr Murray as she outlines what we can do to protect ourselves and our data, as well as the different types of cyber-attacks, how common they are and what we need to look for.

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